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Arranging an International Move Through Your Local Furniture Removals Company
Author: Legend Furniture Removals    Date Published: 03 July 2013

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Moving abroad is often a great opportunity for people looking to advance their careers or establish new lives for their families. However, there are so many issues to consider and things to arrange that this exciting time can easily become stress-filled and overwhelming. Understanding how the actual international move can help you to better cope during the transition. These tips may be useful for long-distance local moves as well.

Many people opt to have a large shipping container delivered to their homes, which they will pack. When they are done, the container will be picked up and delivered to the port, from where it is shipped to the end destination. Once abroad, the container can be collected from the port and delivered to the new home by another local company.

The cost factor of a move is often a critical aspect of an international move and that's why it's so important to get several quotes from reputable moving companies. These are some of the things you should look out for in the quotes:

1. Look for companies that can handle shipping on both ends. It will save you money to only deal with one company, while at the same time saving you the stress of handling paperwork.

2. Various charges form part of an international move. Look out for port fees and terminal handling charges. There may also be special charges payable, including quarantine in some countries. You could save some money if the forwarder pre-pays for this.

3.  Insurance is often very limited on international moves. Most often, only total loss is covered, which is paid only if the container never shows up.

4. There could be implications to you loading your own container. In some countries, a full customs inspection is required. Custom inspections costs are charged in addition to the other costs listed.

5. Shipping or flying? In some cases, it is cheaper to fly your container to your new destination than to send it by ship. If your container is flown, you will also receive it 3 to 4 weeks sooner.

It is usually best to speak to a professional furniture removals company about your international move. Local furniture removals companies that don't offer international moves as part of their service offering will usually have professional companies who could assist you with your international move.

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