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Beware of Moving Company Scams
Author: Legend Furniture Removals    Date Published: 17 September 2013

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Around the world every month, instead of a residential or office move signifying a new beginning, people are duped by moving companies. For every service on offer, there will always be some underhanded fly-by-night company looking to make a quick buck.                                

We've all heard some of the horror stories from people who have been  conned by so-called moving companies:

Take for example Amanda, who was excited to get a good estimate from a certain company and was requested to pay a 50% deposit. The company promised that the truck would arrive on moving day (a Friday).  On Friday morning, the truck never arrived and Amanda was unable to reach the company telephonically until late in the afternoon. With a weak apology, the company promised that the truck would be there on Saturday, and Amanda waited in vain. Eventually, Amanda had to find another company to assist and never managed to have her deposit returned.

In another case, Elliot made a temporary international move and made a full payment for door-to-door delivery of his goods. However, when arriving in the new country, the moving company demanded an additional sum. They said that unless he paid the additional money, he would not receive his goods. That left him with no choice but to pay.

Many people are left broke every month when they pay deposits for moves, just for the moving companies to never pitch up. Upon trying to phone the companies to see what happened, the phone services are discontinued.

How do you avoid being scammed by unscrupolous moving companies?

When you are looking around for moving company quotes, it is important to research each company you consider hiring, using sites such as It's important to see the experiences that a range of people had with each company. Hello Peter gives you a good idea of how the company responds to complaints as well.

Bear in mind that many companies are operated by honest individuals who could make genuine mistakes (and sometimes customers are difficult), so consider the amount of complaints against a company before making a decision.

Also consider the type of complaints for each company you are considering. There is a big difference between arriving 30 minutes late and not arriving at all.

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