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Furniture Removal Services by Legend Furniture Removals


Our staff is trained to do all types of secure packaging for your household goods or for you office equipment and contents. We only use the best quality packaging materials to ensure your glassware, books, appliances and other items are securely packed.  Professional packaging ensures that your goods are packed as safely and economically as possible to save you money and to guard against accidental damage to your property.

*This service is optional. Please specify what needs to be packed and wrapped when requesting a quotation.

Office Removals

We specialize in office removals both locally and nationally, as well as to neighbouring states. Our staff usually arrives a day before the actual move date for the dismantling of office desks and other office furniture to ensure that everything goes as quickly as possible on move day. This is done with as little disruption  to your operations and inconvenience as possible. We have extensive experience in safely relocating office equipment and office furniture removals.

Relocating pets

Moving is even more traumatic for pets than for humans and we know that you are worried about your furry friends. However, you are busy with your move and have a lot on your mind and on your hands. That’s why we assure your pets a safe and friendly move. Please specify the type of animal (eg. dog or cat) that needs to be relocated so that we can cater for your pet accordingly. Size does matter, so if your little pup is a Great Dane, please be specific.


Legend Furniture Removals can assist with all types of vehicle relocations. If you can’t drive your car to its new location, rely on our expertise and resources to take care of it. We offer 2 options from which you can choose:

Option A - Car Trailer:   The vehicle is loaded onto a car trailer and transported behind the truck with all your household goods.

Option B - Rail:  The vehicle is loaded onto a car train with other vehicles. (This option could take a couple of days.)


If you are downscaling or unable to remove your goods to the new location immediately, we can help. Legend Furniture Removals can store your furniture or boxes in safe storage facilities. Our fully secured network of storage facilities are available both locally and nationally. The storage units are under 24 hour surveillance and surrounded by electric fencing. Insurance is available to secure your goods while in storage. Please specify whether storage will be required to ensure that we can cater for your requirements.


We understand that you are worried about your goods. While we take every precaution to ensure that your goods can be replaced in the event of unforeseen circumstances. All Risk insurance can be arranged for your move at 2.5% of the value of your household content. Please note you can contact your current insurance provider and arrange insurance through them. Some insurers could be cheaper and others may cover you for free.

Townhouse/ Flats

When requesting a quote, please specify whether you live in a townhouse, flat or another type of area which is inaccessible to larger trucks. We have smaller vehicles and shuttle services that can enter into some complexes or flats where truck restrictions are in place. By notifying us of any potential issues, we will be able to cater for special conditions, thus saving you time and money.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or Request a Free Furniture Removal Quote for your upcoming move.

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